Keyboard Cleaning 5 Tips & Tricks

Keyboard Cleaning 5 Tips & Tricks

A clean keyboard is a happy keyboard! If you are looking for how to clean the keyboard then also this blog post will be helpful. It will teach you how to deep clean your computer and how to keep your keyboard fresh with colorful hacks that work for different keyboards.

No one likes to clean a dirty keyboard. They are full of origins and smut that will make you sick if you don't sanitize them regularly. In this blog post, we are going to share how to keep your keyboard healthy and how often you should clean it.

how to clean a 5-way keyboard :

open the keyboard

The first step in cleaning a keyboard is to free it from your computer. However, the water will also follow the cord and drip onto your butt if you don't do this.

Plug an antistatic cloth into any of the USB sockets, or use isopropyl alcohol if you have it. You can also buy keyboard cleaner at any genuine store.

Next, take the cloth and gently wipe each key on your keyboard. You can also use rubbing alcohol for this step. But be sure to only do one side at a time so you don't hurt how you feel while coding.

Or ruin how clean they are after washing them with water. Turn it off, though, and only the backlight will show you how dirty they are if you're having trouble seeing how to clean a keyboard.

Get a damp cloth and wipe it down with a cleanser

A damp cloth, warm water, and cleaner are also helpful in cleaning a keyboard. You can use this same process as above, or try spreading some cleanser on the cloth first if you don't want to get your hands dirty with rubbing alcohol.

Wash the cloth in warm water.

You'll know how dirty your keyboard is by how much the cloth absorbs. if it is still wet.

Spray some cleaner on a tissue and use it to clean all the essentials together.

This system also works well for cleaning a wireless mouse. Put the cleaner on one side of the tissue and also clean each crucial item one by one.

Be sure to turn the keyboard upside down so water doesn't run down onto your desk or bottom!

Clean the top of your keyboard.

Also, the next step is to clean the top. You will need to tilt the keyboard towards you and start on one side until all sides are cleaned with water.

Above again, don't forget how wet they might be after washing them with a cleanser or rubbing alcohol!

Place a dry tissue in your office to catch any liquid.

The last step in designing the keyboard drawing is to use the dry tissue on the office or the bottom so that the cleaning liquid does not slip off.

This will prevent you from having keyboard issues and staining other cases!

Flip your keyboard

Wipe it with a tissue. You can always know how to clean the keyboard by turning it upside down. And drying any liquid on top as you did before. You'll want to use a dry cloth or tissue paper for this so that anything from wiping just goes to the face instead of being absorbed into the fabric.

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